Sandy Hook: The Devil’s Monologue

devil“Oh no, it is too much.  I will be exposed.  A murderer I have always been.  But I cannot let that be seen openly.  I have learned my best results come with great stealth.  The dead children will be too much.  Surely people will see it and be disgusted.  They might flee to Christ.  No!  Not that!  Anything but that.

I must get to work.  First, I must convince some that this is God’s fault. I will whisper into their ears, ‘God could have stopped this.’  They will forget altogether the evil that really caused this scene.  They will simply question God’s goodness.  This plan always works so well.  People are always so ready to question God and his ways.  I must spread this message through any means.  Otherwise, the people will focus on sin and evil and what horror it works.  That would be deadly to my cause.

Secondly, I must get people talking about everything but evil.  Let them talk about guns.  They already love to argue about all of that. They will get so focused on the means that they will forget the real cause.  They will talk about it so much that they will actually come to believe that a few laws could rid the world of evil.

Let them talk about mental health.  Their educated minds have convinced them that evil can be diagnosed and done away with a pill or two.  Oh, how they underestimate evil.  I love it when they think there is a any solution to evil apart from Jesus.   Anything that distracts them from the truth is fine with me.

And lastly, I must shut the mouths of God’s people.  His pastors must be silenced.   Perhaps I can make them fearful to approach the situation at all.  Perhaps I can convince them that the pulpit is not a place to address such things.  Perhaps I can get them to just offer platitudes to the people rather than Jesus. 

No, none of them must speak truth.  Not only his pastors must be quieted but every last one of his people.  I must convince them that to talk about Jesus at this time would be inappropriate.  I will make them fearful of what others might ask if they did speak.  I will make them to despair in such a way that they are not even able to offer the hope that lies within them.

Oh no, it is too much. I will be exposed. A murderer I have always been. But I cannot let that be seen openly. I have learned my best results come with great stealth. The dead children will be too much. Surely people will see it and be disgusted. They might flee to Christ. No! Not that! Anything but that.”

Note:  This post is not to say that we should not talk about the proliferation of guns in our culture or the need for mental health care reform.  But if we talk only about them, the devil has had his way.

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2 Responses to “Sandy Hook: The Devil’s Monologue”

  1. Sandy Hook; The Devil’s Monologue « Compendium of Christian Blogs Says:
  2. SUSAN JAMES Says:

    Exactly! That is just how Satan works!

    My first thoughts on your 2 posts on this were: Ps 46 and “Amighty Fortress is Our God”. They are the 2 very comforting things that come to my mind immediately upon any tragedy. They comfort me in knowing that Satan’s time is limited. He is already judged and done. Christ reigns for ever and no matter what happens, I will remain faithful with the help of the Holy Spirit.

    Jesus has all the little children and adults with Him now; God has everything under control. Now we look forward to His Second Coming!

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