If by love, we mean simply that affectionate feeling we have towards the things we desire or fancy or trust in, then love does not always win.  Many times #LoveSins.


The obese man loves everything about food and so he fills his mouth celebrating victories and swallowing defeats to make everything sweeter.  The sports fan loves his team and so he invests large amounts of money into following that team so that everyone knows he is the Superfan.  The teenage boy loves his first true love and so he agrees with her false statement to make sure she does not leave.

The college boy loves being part of the in crowd and so he uses the Lord’s name as if it is were any other word to make sure no one tags him as overly religious.  The elderly lady loves to be right and so she ends her statements, “God as my witness” to give credence to her slight deceptions. 

The busy dad loves to fish and so he heads out early Sunday morning to make sure he is on the water when the fish are biting.  The young couple loves never being challenged and so they decide to just worship at home to make sure they have things just the way they like it.  The young man loves being viewed as spiritual and so he posts to Facebook about how church is not necessary so that all his friend will view him as so modern and wise.

The teenage child loves his independence and so she lies to her parents to gain that independence for the evening.  The middle-aged woman loves her money and so she hides part of her income from the IRS to keep a few extra bucks. The convicted felon loves his freedom and so he burrows through the wall to find the outside world he misses so much.

The career focused young man loves his dream of upward mobility and so he tells his girlfriend she must abort the child to assure that his five year plan goes on without a hitch.  The old women loves the dignity she has enjoyed and so she tells the doctor to proceed with the lethal injection to make sure no ever sees her at less than her best   The drunk man loves his reputation as a tough guy and so he takes a swing at his fellow drunk to feel that he still is just as virile as he once was.

The married man loves sexual pleasure and so he tells he wife to go to bed to make sure he can watch that show and do that thing.  The couple loves the idea of how marriage felt that first year and so they divorce to find it again with someone else.  The man loves feeling wanted and so he moves in with his new girlfriend to keep the good feelings flowing.

The treasure hunter loves the antique piece the elderly woman has and so he pays the posted price fully aware that it is worth so much more to make sure it ends up in his home.  The young child loves how the toy lights up when the button is pushed and so he places it in his pocket to make sure he can play with it at night in his room.  The new employee loves the pens at work and so he takes a few home to celebrate his new work.

The bully loves feeling powerful and so she spreads lies about the kids at school to ensure that she is feared.  The middle aged women loves knowing everything that is going on in town and so she develops a network of informants to make sure every comes to her if they want to know something.  The family member loves their own and so they take the stand and tell a few white lies to make sure their beloved walks.

The young man loves firearms and so they spend countless hours figuring out how to obtain that high power assault weapon to be able to say he owns one.  The middle-aged women loves fashion and so she obsesses about how to get that designer bag to finally feel good about her wardrobe.  The career woman loves the thought of being the boss and so she stabs a few people in the back to make sure she gets up the ladder more quickly than they do.

Adam and Eve loved the thought of being like God.  They ate the apple.  Jonah loved being the only chosen one.  He hated those in Nineveh.  Saul loved the Law. He persecuted Jesus. You and I love things that lead us into great sin and vice.


Only God’s love always wins.  Only it always works good.  Only it has pure motives.  Only His love shown to us in Jesus can help us who so often are led into sin by the things we love.  Only the Cross and Tomb can rightly be captioned #lovewins.  When it comes to us, more often than not, #LoveSins.  When it comes to God, #LoveWins.  Thanks be to Him for His love.

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  1. Chris Says:

    we conveniently forget that human love can err in three key ways:
    1) object
    2) mode (i.e. how)
    3) degree

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