5 Lies in 2 minutes from Nicki Minaj’s “Pastor”

lydiaAfter shaking her posterior for millons on the way up to accept an award for her utterly licentious video “Anaconda” and before cursing at the host of the show, Nicki took time to thank her pastor.  How nice.  She thanked Pastor Lydia.  Embedded below is a two minute video featuring Pastor Lydia Sloley talking about her newest book, “Supernatural Woman.” 


Thanks to video editing she is able to spew no less that five lies in about two minutes.  Let go through them quickly:

1.  She wrote her book “so women can get the results they are looking for from the Word of God”

Like Moon Men, I suppose.  Who knew the Scriptures were a tool to get what we wanted if only we have some supernatural (scholars read “gnostic”) understanding of how to force blessings out of them.

2. “You are a supernatural woman.  You serve a supernatural God.  you will get supernatural results.”

Notice who goes first.  Back to that later.  This of course all forgets the very non-supernatural way God almost always works, like through people, words, water, bread, and wine.  Who needs the cross when you can have supernatural results like feathered headdresses and a backside the Lord surely did not create.  

3.  “You can read the same Scripture and the Lord will give you a different revelation based on your current needs.”

Like you might read First Peter where is says, “Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight” and God might reveal to you that see through dresses and gyrations on stage might work okay also.  Calling another woman a female dog might be revealed as a manifestation of inner beauty.

4. “This book teaches you how to move the hand of God through obedience.”

Lucky for Minaj, the obedience usually mentioned most in these churches is sowing an offering in order to be blessed financially.  It is sort of the spiritual equivalent of Powerball.  And I suppose writing a check is about the easiest thing for her to do at this point.  No doubt Nicki actually believes her fame wrought from overt sexuality and foul talk comes from God due to people like this pastor.  Obedience cannot manipulate God into action.  Thankfully it is grace that moves the hand of God.

5.  “I give God the glory.”

Sure, that is why the book is called “Supernatural Woman.”

Why did I write this post?  Will a lot of Nicki Minaj fans read it?  I doubt it. But I wrote it because we need to realize that so many people are listening to so much crap that is being peddled in the name of Christ by false prophets.  We must return to the Word in order that we might be tricked into thinking that Jesus died just to make us famous and gain us awards.  We must return to the Cross and rejoice that Christ’s obedience has granted us forgiveness and life.

You may not fall for such obvious lies as these.  But all of us must know the Word well in order that we might not be swayed by every wind of doctrine.

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