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Steve Harvey Gets It Wrong Again – Don’t Jump

Maybe some of you have seen the video below.  If has been going around on the internet in a viral fashion (almost 50 millions views). No, not the one where Harvey mistakenly crowns the wrong gal the beauty pageant queen, but the one where he “preaches” at the Family Feud audience.  This is the one is which […]

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The Sin of Prioritizing Vocations

In my line of work, it happens all the time.  People prioritizing their vocations1. Sometimes you just see it.  There is the pastor whose family is always neglected.  His church work always takes priority.  After all, it is holy work that God has given to him and to which he has given himself by vows.   […]

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Remaining Coachable

This year I am coaching my son Gideon’s basketball team.  The other night at practice, I was trying to explain to him something I wanted him to learn.  Right in the middle of my instruction, he began to walk away.  After one of those lovingly stern dad looks, he realized that I was not happy […]

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Unremarkable Christianity

It is one of the go to questions at every missions presentation I go to these days.  “If your church was gone tomorrow, would anyone miss it?”   Underlying this question are two false assumptions.  First, it assumes that the church’s only value is a value it can offer to those outside of the church.  It […]

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Poop: Mothers and Pastors

In chatting with a friend, I signed off by telling her we probably both should head back to our vocations.  I am a pastor and right now she is a stay-at-home mom.  In leaving, I suggested to her that her vocation was likely more important than mine.  She wrote this: “Either way, it’s leading the […]

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30 Days of Augsburg – Day 17 – Article Sixteen

Day 17. Welcome. The text is from Triglot Concordia: The Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church: German-Latin-English (St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1921). These texts, and my audio files, are in the public domain and may be freely copied. All of these files, as they are published, will also be available to listen to […]

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The Holy Work of Fatherhood

The first time a Christian father hears his child utter the Lord’s Prayer, a shudder might be appropriate.  After all when the words “Our Father” pass over that young child’s lips, who do you suppose comes to mind?  Of course, the words our father bring to mind their father.  And this is not by accident.  […]

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